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Water Resources Management and River Basin Planning, Macedonia - Brian Faulkner is supporting Eptisa Consulting in the implementation of The National Water Study, incorporating major updates of the national water balance, municipal, hydropower and irrigation studies, and the development of Water Framework Directive compliant national water policy.

Drought Risk Management in Kosovo
- Work has started on implementing Drought Risk Management Plan procedures in three Regional Water Companies, Prishtina, Ferizaj and Prizren. The project includes setting up early warning systems through precipitation monitoring. The project client is the Inter-Ministerial Water Council, Office of the Prime Minister, funded by the Swiss Cooperation Office.

Paper presented at the CIWEM Rivers and Coastal Group Spring Conference 2016, Birmingham
- Brian Faulkner delivered a Paper at the national conference on "Implementing innovative permit procedures in EU pre-accession countries, with special reference to environmental flows" in The Cutting Edge in Flow Management and Water Framework Directive Implementation. 10 May 2016, Birmingham.

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Paper to be presented at European Geosciences Union 2016 Vienna
- Brian Faulkner delivered a Paper at the international conference on "Practical Applications of the Standardised Precipitation Index as a Tool for Very Early Warning of Floods and Droughts" within the EGU Session "HS2.1.1 Hydrological extremes: from droughts to floods". 18 April, Vienna.

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Free download: Good practice guide
- Drought management framework and procedures for Regional Water Companies - Albania/Kosovo.

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