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CCM - European Catchmnent Characterisation and Modelling
Drainage networks and associated drainage basins form complex functional entities not only for hydrological processes but also for environmental processes at large. This has been recognised in recent European legislation such as the Water Framework Directive (WFD). In order to study the underlying processes and cause-effect relationships at regional to European scales, comprehensive digital data of river networks, drainage basins (catchments) and their characteristics are required. JRC's Catchment Characterisation and Modelling (CCM) activity responded to this need through the development of a pan-European database of river networks and catchments.

ECRINS - European Catchments and Rivers Network System
Ecrins is the acronym for European catchments and Rivers network system. It is a geographical information system of the European hydrographical systems with a full topological information. Ecrins is a composite system made from the CCM developed by the JRC, Corine land Cover, WFD reporting elements, etc. It is organised from a layer of 181,071 “functional elementary catchments (FECs)” which average size is ~62 km2, fully connected with explicit identifier (ID) relationships and upstream area. Catchments are grouped as sub-basins, river basin districts (actual and functional to meet hydrographical continuity).

EIONET - European Environment Information and Observation Network
The European environment information and observation network (Eionet) aims to provide timely and quality-assured data, information and expertise for assessing the state of the environment in Europe and the pressures acting upon it. This enables policy-makers to decide on appropriate measures for protecting the environment at national and European level and to monitor the effectiveness of policies and measures implemented. Eionet is a partnership network of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and its member and cooperating countries.

European Environment Agency - Waterbase Rivers
Waterbase is the generic name given to the EEA's databases on the status and quality of Europe's rivers, lakes, groundwater bodies and transitional, coastal and marine waters, and on the quantity of Europe's water resources.

Hydrological Outlook UK
The Hydrological Outlook provides an insight into future hydrological conditions across the UK. Specifically it describes likely trajectories for river flows and groundwater levels on a monthly basis, with particular focus on the next three months. Well established monitoring programmes provide the current status of both river flows and groundwater levels at many sites across the UK, and data from these programmes provide the starting point for the Outlook. A number of techniques are used to project forwards from the current state and results from these are used to produce a summary that includes a highlights map. The Hydrological Outlook UK is published monthly.

SEIS - Shared Environmental Information System for Europe
The Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) is a collaborative initiative of the European Commission and the European Environment Agency (EEA) to establish together with the Member States an integrated and shared EU-wide environmental information system. This system would tie in better all existing data gathering and information flows related to EU environmental policies and legislation. It will be based on technologies such as the internet and satellite systems and thus make environmental information more readily available and easier to understand to policy makers and the public.

WISE - Water Information System for Europe
WISE – is the gateway to information on European water issues. It comprises a wide range of of data and information collected by EU institutions to serve several stakeholders

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GEO Data Portal - UNEP
The GEO Data Portal is the authoritative source for data sets used by UNEP and its partners in the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) report and other integrated environment assessments. Its online database holds more than 400 different variables, as national, subregional, regional and global statistics or as geospatial data sets (maps), covering themes like Freshwater, Population, Forests, Emissions, Climate, Disasters, Health and GDP. Display them on-the-fly as maps, graphs, raw values or download the data in different formats.

Water Monitoring Alliance
The Water Monitoring Alliance is made up of organisations involved in the collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination of information on water in all its uses. Its objectives are to enhance a greater exchange and sharing of information amongst the organisations and programmes involved in the collection and dissemination of water data and to provide a better access to the information for the decision makers, the media and the public at large. The Alliance is a cooperative partnership among organisations working at the international, regional, national and local levels.

WaterML 2 - A global standard for hydrologic time-series
WaterML2 is a new data exchange standard in Hydrology which can basically be used to exchange many kinds of hydro-meteorological observations and measurements. WaterML2 has been initiated and designed over a period of several years by a group of major national and international organizations from public and private sector, such as CSIRO, CUAHSI, USGS, BOM, NOAA, KISTERS and others. WaterML2 has been developed within the OGC Hydrology Domain Working group which has a mandate by the WMO.


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ILWIS - Remote Sensing and GIS software

The Integrated Land and Water Information System (ILWIS) is a PC-based GIS & Remote Sensing software, developed by ITC up to release 3.3 in 2005. ILWIS comprises a complete package of image processing, spatial analysis and digital mapping. It is easy to learn and use; it has full on-line help, extensive tutorials for direct use in courses and 25 case studies of various disciplines.


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Vidhya Analytics - Data Analysis

For those of you, who are wondering what is “Analytics Vidhya”, “Analytics” can be defined as the science of extracting insights from raw data. The spectrum of analytics starts from capturing data and evolves into using insights / trends from this data to make informed decisions. “Vidhya” on the other hand is a Sanskrit noun meaning “Knowledge” or “Clarity on a subject”. Knowledge, which has been gained through reading literature or through self practice / experimentation.

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EMWIS - Euro-Mediterranean Information System on Know How in the Water Sector
EMWIS is an initiative of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. It provides a strategic tool for exchanging information and knowledge in the water sector between and within the Euro Mediterranean partnership countries.

Login page for the BHS Mailing List
This screen allows you to join or leave the BHS-HYDROLOGY list. To confirm your identity and prevent third parties from subscribing you to a list against your will, an e-mail message with a confirmation code will be sent to the address you specify in the form. Simply wait for this message to arrive, then follow the instructions to confirm the operation.

Open Hydrology - UK Flood Estimation Techniques developed as open source
A library of open source hydrological software written in Python to operate as packages under an umbrella interface. Our current focus is on United Kingdom methods of flood magnitude-frequency estimation but we would also love to attract collaborators from around the world.

The School of Water Sciences, Cranfield University
Prestigious UK based academic insitute, providing postgraduate courses, short courses and workshops.

Transnational Action Programme on Emerging Substances
TAPES developes a new platform to share knowledge, to exploit and develop new knowledge and experience for water authorities, water companies, managers of wastewater treatment plants, national and local government, and interested public. TAPES includes technological pilots, demonstration projects and the development of a decision support system for investments in the water cycle.

University of Newcastle - Hydroinformatics and Management Systems
A specialist Hydroinformatics department, offering an integrated graduate development scheme in partnership with industry. Short courses run also.

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International Association for Environmental Hydrology
IAEH is a worldwide association of environmental hydrologists dedicated to the protection and cleanup of fresh water resources. The IAEH mission is to provide a place to share technical information and exchange ideas, and to provide a source of inexpensive tools for the environmental hydrologist,especially hydrologists and water resource engineers in developing countries.

International Environmental Modelling & Software Society
iEMSs is a not-for-profit organization uniting private persons and organizations dealing with environmental modelling, software and related topics. The aims of the iEMSs are to develop and use environmental modelling and software tools to advance the science and improve decision making with respect to resource and environmental issues. This places an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and the development of generic frameworks and methodologies which integrate models and software tools across issues, scales, disciplines and stakeholders with respect to resource and environmental issues

International Water Association - WaterWiki Pages
An information resource and hub for the global water community. The IWA WaterWiki provides a platform for the global water community to interact and share knowledge online.

IRC Water & Sanitation Centre
Useful page detailing How to find water information on the web. Large range of listed databases, portals and links, sub-divided by category.


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Journal of Hydroinformatics
Official Journal of the IAHR & IWA Joint Committee on Hydroinformatics. On-line abstracts available and pay per view via International Water Association


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Yahoo Forum on Hydrological Modelling
This group aims to provide a forum for discussion of scientific research in modelling of hydrologic systems including - rainfall-runoff modelling, groundwater modelling, solute transport, hydrology and water quality. Click on the link below to join the mailing list.

Water Experts Network
Water Experts Network is a virtual network of freelance water experts from all over the world.


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Media resource and information centre related to all aspects of the water industry. Useful up to date topical issues, journal links, case studies, conferences and links.

INSPIRE - Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe

The EU INSPIRE Directive aims to create a European Union spatial data infrastructure for the purposes of EU environmental policies and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment. This European Spatial Data Infrastructure will enable the sharing of environmental spatial information among public sector organisations, facilitate public access to spatial information across Europe and assist in policy-making across boundaries.

INSPIRE is based on the infrastructures for spatial information established and operated by the Member States of the European Union. The Directive addresses 34 spatial data themes needed for environmental applications.

INSPIRE Geoportal - Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe
The INSPIRE Directive requires the Commission to establish a community geo-portal and the Member States shall provide access to their infrastructures through the geo-portal as well as through any access points they themselves decide to operate.

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Contextures EXCEL Site
Thank you for visiting the Contextures website, where you will find Excel tips, tutorials and videos. You can find a list of articles on the Excel Tips page.

EXCEL Functions

This website provides help with Excel functions and formulas.

You will find information and examples of each of the Excel Built-In Functions and examples of how to perform popular tasks usingExcel Formulas. There is also a section explaining Excel Array Formulas, which will help you to make full use of some of the most useful Excel functions and formulas.

EXCEL Video Tutorials

IWA Publishing - Online Information Service

Water Intelligence Online is a fully searchable, indexed archive of water and environmentally related information.

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HOPE Project - UNESCO Opensource Platform for Hydro Software
Through the International Hydrological Programme (IHP), the only intergovernmental programme of the UN system devoted to water research, water resources management, education and capacity building, UNESCO contributes to this global development by creating an UNESCO’s Hydro Free and/or Open-source software Platform of Experts (HOPE), which would provide an alternative to the commercial specialized engineering software in the field of hydrology (e.g. Water resources, rivers and groundwater; urban water modeling and GIS, Collection systems, water distribution, flooding, wastewater treatment).