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British Geological Survey - Earthwise

The aims of EarthwiseTM are to disseminate the outputs of BGS research and to promote free exchange of information by the wider geological community.

The core articles presented here are written by BGS authors and cannot be edited by non-BGS users but we welcome your comments and encourage you contribute your own articles on related topics.

The articles are grouped in categories (topics) and subcategories with lists of the individual pages making up the topic. On each category page you are given the choice of reading the pages, commenting on the pages or contributing your own article. To contribute to EarthwiseTM you must first register.

Geological Survey of Finland

UK Groundwater Forum
To ensure that groundwater plays its full part in meeting the needs of society and the environment and to promote a common understanding of groundwater issues the UK Groundwater Forum will identify national research needs and disseminate knowledge through discussion and partnership between stakeholders.

UK's British Geological Survey

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Global Groundwater Information System - GGIS
A GGIS is an interactive and transparent portal to groundwater-related information and knowledge. The system is meant for various categories of stakeholders, including both professionals and the general public. The GGIS is simple to use and completely publicly accessible. It leads the user from aggregated, global information (Global Overview) via related information sources (Meta-Information Module) towards a direct information exchange (Collaborative Environment). Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (GGMN) is the youngest and the most demanding GGIS module. Its purpose is to monitor a global change of groundwater resources.

GW-MATE - World Bank Groundwater Management Advisory Team
The GW-MATE initiative is designed to support the thrust from 'vision to action' on integrated water resources management of the World Water Forum in March 2000. GW-MATE is a core group of experienced specialists in the multidisciplinary and multifaceted area of groundwater management. In essence, the GW-MATE is operational in mode, interdisciplinary in character, and advisory in style.

International Groundwater Assessment Centre
IGRAC is dedicated to groundwater information and knowledge in the widest sense, on a world-wide scale and on a non-commercial basis. The World's groundwater resources are of key importance to sustainable development. However, making full benefit from the available groundwater resources and controlling effectively the ubiquitous groundwater-related problems are very demanding tasks. Sharing groundwater information and experience on a world-wide scale would be of great help in this respect. This is what IGRAC supports and promotes.

Participatory Groundwater Management
More than 2 billion people worldwide depend on groundwater for their daily supply. Major agricultural economies (North China, South Asia, North Africa/Middle East) depend on groundwater. Yet this positive developments have in many areas come at a price - falling groundwater tables and deteriorating groundwater quality. In many places Participatory Groundwater Management has a possible important role to play to addresss these issues - alongside other measures. To bring together the scattered experience and to equip persons keen to promote participatory groundwater management this training kit has been prepared. 8 PowerPoint modules and additional material.

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Geoscience Australia
The national agency for geoscience research and geospatial information

International Consortium of Geological Surveys
406 organizations from 163 countries

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US Geological Survey

US Groundwater Foundation
US orientated site, but useful educational content

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International Water Management Institute - Sustainbale Groundwater
The goal of IWMI's research in groundwater is to contribute to achieving sustainable use and management of groundwater in ways that promote food and livelihood security for the poor women and men in Asia and Africa.


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AQTESOLV - Groundwater Modelling Software

AQTESOLV is leading software for the design and analysis of aquifer tests (pumping testsslug testsconstant-head tests) in confined, leaky, unconfined and fractured aquifers.

Boss International
Hydrology and hydraulics software, engineering consulting, bookstore, and discussion forums for civil and environmental engineering professionals.

ESI Software Solutions
Developer, publisher and reseller of environmental monitoring and modelling software
good general site for all things groundwater, software, equipment, links etc.

Scientific Software Group
broad range of engineering software, discussion groups, support

Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc.
leader in the development of powerful, yet easy-to-use software applications to meet the advancing technology requirements of groundwater and environmental professionals around the world.


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The Groundwater Foundation
The Groundwater Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to informing the public about groundwater. It presents the benefits everyone receives from groundwater and the very real risks that threaten it.

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Centre for Groundwater Studies
The Centre for Groundwater Studies is an international cooperative research and education venture with a strong focus on processes of groundwater recharge, discharge, contamination, remediation and management. It addresses major land and water resource issues in Australia and overseas through interdisciplinary research by its member organizations, agencies and companies.

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British Geological Survey - Groundwater real-time data
The BGS collect groundwater level data in many of our research projects, and we host the National Groundwater Level Archive, the national repository for groundwater level data. We are currently working to make groundwater level data available via this website. You can view information on a limited number of sites. Why monitor groundwater levels? Measuring the groundwater level in a well in Scotland Groundwater level, as measured in an observation borehole, reflects the amount of water in storage in the monitored aquifer. When recharge exceeds natural discharge plus abstraction, groundwater levels rise. When recharge is less than natural discharge plus abstraction, groundwater levels fall. Comparisons of measured groundwater levels with long-term averages provide an indication of the state of groundwater resources within an aquifer. Observation over several years allows the prediction of aquifer response to current climatic and hydrological conditions. The data from the archive are used to prepare archive products such as the monthly hydrological summaries, annual summaries and the statistics volume. The data are used for quantitative analyses, for instance of annual recharge, and provide a valuable source of data for the calibration of groundwater models.

British Geological Survey - Groundwater Timeline
Historical data from UK groundwater observation wells.

Hyporheic Network - Knowledge Transfer Network
Welcome to the homepage of the Hyporheic Network - a Knowledge Transfer network on groundwater - surface water interactions and hyporheic zone processes. The hyporheic zone is located at the interface of aquifers and rivers, and comprises the sediments in which there is exchange and mixing of groundwater and river water. It is an important zone for pollutant, energy and carbon cycling, and may be an important component of the riverine habitat.

MSc Groundwater Engineering and Applied Hydrogeology
School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. All Optional Modules can be taken as self-contained PD short courses.

Spanish Insitute of Geology and Minerals
Host site for a number of useful hydrogeological links in the southern mediterranean.

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IGRAC - International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre
IGRAC is dedicated to groundwater information and knowledge in the widest sense, on a worldwide scale and on a non-commercial basis. This site is developed for groundwater-related organizations and professionals, as well as for all others who have stakes in groundwater. This website contains a brief overview of IGRAC objectives and activities, the first module of the Global Groundwater Information System and an inventory of guidelines and protocols for groundwater assessment and monitoring.

International Association of Hydrogeologists
IAH is a scientific and educational organization whose aims are to promote research into and understanding of the proper management and protection of groundwater for the common good throughout the world. This website includes information about news, conferences, publications and groundwater-related links.

ISARM - Internationally Shared Aquifer Resources Management
The worldwide ISARM Initiative is a UNESCO-led multi-agency effort aimed at improving the understanding of scientific, socio-economic, legal, institutional and environmental issues related to the management of transboundary aquifers. The initiative is sponsored by UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and operates through a joint effort of a number of organizations, including the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Department of Law of the University of Dundee (Australia) among others.

University of Sheffield - Groundwater Protection & Restoration Group
Offers professional short courses and MSc units


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Solinst Groundwater Monitoring Instruments
Groundwater Monitoring Instruments are designed to obtain surface or ground water samples, continuous or manual water level measurements and recordings of concentrations of various water parameters. The data collected can be used to estimate hydraulic conductivity and other aquifer conditions; to monitor potable water recharge areas; and to monitor tailings ponds, dewatering activities and water supply levels of mines.

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CTD-Diver - Groundwater datalogger
The new CTD-Diver* sets the standard for reliability and longevity in groundwater quality monitoring. Its ceramic casing and unparalleled conductivity measuring range (0-80 mS) make the CTD-Diver suitable for use at every measuring site. Monitors three parameters in every monitoring well: groundwater level, temperature & conductivity

Groundwater data logger from Vanessen Instruments
The monitoring of groundwater levels is more important than ever. All over the world, we experience climatic changes, shortages of pure drinking water and shifting ecosystems. Reliable and frequent measuring is the only means we have to show the impacts certain events and activities have on groundwater levels. As a compact, accurate and automated monitoring tool, the Diver® from Van Essen Instruments in an ideal instrument for capturing and imaging the information necessary to analyze these environmental changes.

Van Essen Soil and Water Instrumentation
Van Essen Instruments concentrates on the following market segments: groundwater, surface water, and sewage water. For these market segments, Van Essen Instruments is leveraging the knowledge it has built with Pressure Sensors and Dataloggers.


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Geotechnical Engineering Journal
Published by ICE. Practical information for civil structural & geotechnical engineers.

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Geochemistry Journals from Elsevier


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International Symposium on groundwater Sustainablity (ISGWAS)
24-27 January 2006, Alicante, Spain. Achieving the long-term sustainable use of groundwater resources will depend as much on understanding socio-economic forces as on effectively monitoring and modelling climatic and hydrogeologic conditions. It is important to develop adequate monitoring and information networks, but it is also imperative to understand what institutional arrangements, economic incentives, legal structures and educational initiatives can be developed to insure the long-term sustainability of groundwater development and use throughout the world. This symposium will bring together experts from different disciplines and regions of the world in order to discuss challenges and propose solutions to contribute to the long-term sustainability of groundwater resources.


Water Experts Network
Water Experts Network is a virtual network of freelance water experts from all over the world.


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EU Groundwater 'Daughter' Directive
Commision proposal COM (2003) 550 proposes that groundwater quality is monitored and evaluated across Europe.

EuroGeoSurveys - The Geological Surveys of Europe
EuroGeoSurveys is an organisation of 33 European Geological Surveys. The statutory aims are to address the European issues, to promote contribution of geosciences to EU affairs, to assist EU to obtain technical advice and to provide a network between the geological surveys.