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Americas ...

American Water Works Association
AWWA is the US based international non-profit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply. Founded in 1881, AWWA is the largest organisation of water supply professionals in the world.

Community Water & Sanitation Facility
The U.S. intiated the Community WAter & Sanitation Facility to expamd these services in slum communties. The Facility contributes to the goals of the World Summit for sustainable development.

US Aid - Water Pages
Many useful fact sheets and information on water supply and sanitation from the U.S. Aid organisation

Asia Pacific ...

Government of Maharashtra - Department of Water Supply and Sanitation

SEAWUN - South East Asian Water Utilities Network
SEAWUN is a regional network of water supply and sanitation (WSS) utilities and national water associations created to help its members improve their WSS services. SEAWUN’s work is focused on improving service delivery, attaining operational and management efficiency, achieving financial viability, and advocating sector reforms for improved policy environment in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Europe ...

Institution of Water Officers
IWO is the only professional body that is concerned solely with the day to day running of the water industry. One of the aims is to provide unparalleled opportunities to help members increase their knowledge about those topics that are crucial to the future success of the UK water industry.

SANDEC - Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science & Technology
SANDEC is the Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries at the Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (EAWAG) in Duebendorf, Switzerland. Its activities centre on problems of sustainable development in economically less developed countries. Its mandate is to assist in developing appropriate and sustainable water and sanitation concepts and technologies adapted to the different physical and socio-economic conditions prevailing in developing countries.

The Drinking Water Inspectorate
The UK's DWI regulates public water supplies in England and Wales. DWI asseses the quality of drinking water and enforces standards. Useful educational site also.

UK Water Industry Research
UKWIR facilitates and manages collaborative research for UK water operators. The UKWIR programme generates sound science for sound regulation and sound practice.

UK Water Industry Research Database of Water Efficiency Projects
One side of the Demand Management Balance is the degree of efficiency of use of the water resource. Many pilot and field projects have been developed and studied over recent times. The purpose of this portal is to collate and compare the archive of projects. In this way we enable water professionals to gauge effectiveness and plan accordingly. As a part of the UKWIR web service the primary purpose of the site is to provide this knowledge to UK water operators. However, the service is open to all-comers, for whom we will provide a private account, which you may use to search, browse, analyse and even contribute to the knowledge base.

Water Save UK - Water Conservation and Recycling
The overall aim of the WATERSAVE network is to establish a coherent, forward-looking UK academic community in the water conservation and recycling field and develop its interaction with industry and government.

WaterAid is the UK's specialist development charity working through partner organisations to help poor people in developing countries achieve sustainable improvements in their quality of life by improved domestic water supply, sanitation and associated hygiene practices.

Global ...

Global Leakage Summit
Globally, water demand is rising and resources are diminishing. The problem of water loss and leakage is a perennial one, and utility operators need a strategic approach to tackle it. The 2007 summit examines case studies from utility practitioners worldwide - describing their strategies and programmes for leakage management and water efficiency. Together, these programmes form a strategy for restoring a potentially huge lost resource.

International Water and Sanitation Centre
IRC provides news and information, advice, research and training on low-cost water supply and sanitation in developing countries

The World Bank - Water and Sanitation pages
Key site for water supply and sanitation specialists, providing useful on-line resources, information, toolkits.

UNDP-World Bank Water & Sanitation Programme
The site details these key institutions activities in these sectors, focusing on rural water supply and sanitation, with comprehensive resources, including publications, case studies, and forums.

Water Governance Toolkit - Improving Water Governance in Water Services through PPP
The goal of this initiative is effective water governance for all water users. One of many methods to achieve this is through Public-Private Partnerships for water services. Partnerships that create clear communication channels among partners and stakeholders are more likely to provide effective water governance. The ten themes in this initiative seek to contribute toward improved water partnerships, and hopefully effective water governance for all users.

Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
The Council secretariat, based at the World Health Organisation, Geneva, provides the necessary catalytic support to the implementation of the Iguaçu Action Programme. Useful downloads on water management procedures and standards.

World Health Organisation
Water pages of the World Health Organization.

WSSTP - Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Portal
The Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP) is one of the technology platforms that are set up within the European Environmental Technology Action Plan (ETAP) that was adopted by the European Commission in 2004. It is a European initiative, open to all stakeholders involved in European water supply and sanitation and major end-user groups.

Pacific ...

Water Services Association of Australia
Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) is the peak body of the Australian urban water industry and has offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Its' 28 members and 24 associate members provide water and wastewater services to approximately 15 million Australians and many of Australia's largest industrial and commercial enterprises. WSAA was formed in 1995 to provide a forum for debate on issues of importance to the urban water industry and to be a focal point for communicating the industry's views. WSAA provides a national focus for the provision of information on the urban water industry for all interested parties.

Africa Middle East ...

WADImena - Water Demand Initiative for Middel East & North Africa
The Regional Water Demand Initiative for the Middle East and North Africa (WaDImena) is an intra-regional, multi-donor program that is supporting and promoting water demand management (WDM) approaches in the increasingly water-scarce countries of the Middle East and North Africa, or MENA region.


Americas ...

MIRS Suite - Material Inventory Report System
Software for licensing and permits. MIRS™ combines all of your Environmental & Safety issues into one easy-to-use system, greatly reducing the amount of time and money spent on EPA and OSHA compliance. MIRS™ is a modular, integrated system, covering the broad range of EH&S data management and reporting needs.


Europe ...

Cranfield University
The Institute of Water and Environment at Silsoe College is internationally renowned for its multidisciplinary approach to sustaining the world's environment and fresh water resources. It is committed to providing practical and cost-effective management solutions to the ever-increasing problems associated with human activities. Renowned courses in water and irrigation engineering.

TAPES - Transnational Action programme on Emerging Substances
TAPES developes a new platform to share knowledge, to exploit and develop new knowledge and experience for water authorities, water companies, managers of wastewater treatment plants, national and local government, and interested public. TAPES includes technological pilots, demonstration projects and the development of a decision support system for investments in the water cycle.

Urban Water Technology Centre
The Urban Water Technology Centre (UWTC) has been established since August 1993 within the School of Contemporary Sciences at the University of Abertay Dundee . It developed from the activities of a group of staff carrying out research and consultancy work associated with wastewater and environmental management.

Water Engineering Development Centre
WEDC, part of the Institute Development Engineering, is one of the world's leading institutions concerned with the planning, provision and management of physical infrastructure for development in low- and middle-income countries

Global ...

LEAKS - Leaks Management for Water Utilities
The LEAKS Suite softwares are designed to be easily customised (for units, currency or language) and upgraded whenever any significant improvements in international 'best practice' are identified. They were created, and are regularly updated, by Allan Lambert, the leader of the first IWA Water Losses Task Force, who was responsible for many of the analytical advances. They are distributed by experienced specialist practitioners (see International Distributors page) who support the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group activities, and can provide training, technical advice, and consultancy support on an ‘as required’ basis.

World Bodies ...

IBNET - International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities
The International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities (IBNET) is your direct access to the world largest database for water and sanitation utilities performance data. IBNET supports and promotes good benchmarking practice among water and sanitation services by : - Providing guidance on indicators, definitions; - Facilitating the establishment of national or regional benchmarking schemes; - Undertaking peer group performance comparisons;


Americas ...

Elmosa Sea Water Intake and Filtration Systems
Elmosa Offshore Intakes including the InvisiHead and the Onshore systems including the Infiltration, both use a natural approach in dealing with problems usually associated with water intake systems.

Life Source - Whole House Water Systems
LifeSource water systems reduce the problems associated with hardwater without salt magnets or maintenace.

PuriTec Advanced Air and Water Treatment Technologies
PuriTec strives to be a leading provider of advanced and effective technologies in air cleaning and water treatment for commercial and residential use throughout the world.

Europe ...

Alldos Dosing and Disinfection Systems
ALLDOS is an innovative supplier of high-quality products and services in the environmental technology and water treatment sectors. They develop, manufacture and market dosing pumps, disinfection systems, dosing systems as well as the associated measuring and control technology for these sectors.

Frazer Pipe Systems
Frazer is one of the market-leading suppliers of below ground products to the civil engineering, drainage, groundworks and utilities sectors. Products include plastic, clay and pipe systems, pressure systems, access covers and frames.

GRAF Rainwater Harvesting Systems
The portfolio covers a wide variety of products ranging from rain butts, rainwater harvesting systems and wastewater treatment plants to tanks and containers for industrial applications and products for storing fruit and wine.

Global ...

Honeywell Water Valves
Useful site offering free online resource for selecting, sizing and maintaining water control, pressure reduction and backflow prevention. Extensive product and technical data.

Ozonia - Ozone and UV Disinfection Solutions
Ozonia is a leader in ozone generation technology with the most high concentration ozone systems installed AND operating worldwide. Ozonia's innovative and efficient equipment has set a new standard for ozone generation, offering cost effective solutions from laboratory-sized applications through to large industrial installations. Both ozone and medium pressure UV technologies are well-recognized methods of disinfection with long histories in the municipal and industrial sectors. Each can be used for inactivation for viruses, giardia, cryptospordium, bacteria and other microbial contaminants. Ozone has the additional benefits of taste, odor and color removal, as well as being a micro flocculating agent.

Toray Membrane Technology Solutions
Membrane Technology Solutions for: Sea water desalination Brackish water Desalination Nanofiltration Microfiltration

Africa Middle East ...

Mia Water
Commercial supplier, but with useful on-line resource for water supply systems, especially leakage and water losses and water resources management


Americas ...

Water and Wastewater.Com
US based on-line magazine for water professionals, industry sponsored, with some useful resources and product links.

Asia Pacific ...

Asian Water Supplies - Reaching the Urban Poor
Asian developing country urban water supplies have progressed little in the last 20 years. Coverage in cities with 24 hour piped, potable water is still under 50% in most cities. Coverage with sewerage is much lower. Unaccounted for water still averages about 35% of production. The author brings his 25 years experience in developing country water supplies to bear in examining why we have failed and what must be done to get on the right track. Author: AC McIntosh ISBN - 1843390434

Global ...

ICE Virtual Library
The ICE Virtual Library gives access to the largest repository of full text civil engineering paperts in the world. Subscription based.

Water Science and Technology: Water Supply
Best papers on all aspects of water supply from IWA biennial, regional and specilaized conferences. On-line Abstracts availbale, and pay per view.

Waterlines is a quarterly international journal, supported by NGO's focusing on appropriate technologies for water supply and sanitation in developing countries. Many excellent articles of practical value


Europe ...

14th Annual Water Industry Conference - Consolidation, Regulation and Competition
16 October 2003, London - The conference will provide the opportunity for the water industry to engage with their peers, government, the regulator and stakeholder organisations to consider and respond to the challenges presented by consolidation, regulation and competition to create a sustained, profitable future for the industry.

Conferences in Water Engineering and Management
CIWEM hosted conferences and seminars on all aspects of water supply, treatment, water resources and EU Directives implementation.

First International Conference on Service Reservoirs
12 - 14 May 2004, Geneva. Service Reservoirs are an important part of drinking water supply systems all over the world. Their existence in a distribution network has a direct and profound consequence on the operation and maintenance of water systems. In addition, service reservoirs in use may be very old and sometimes represent the best of past architectural skills inherited from former times.

Global ...

2nd IWA Leading Edge Conference on Sustainability
8-10 November 2004, Sydney Australia. Theme: Sustainability in Water Limited Environments

4th World Water Congress & Exhibition
19 - 24 September 2004 - Marrakech. All aspects of water and wastewater services within the context of sustainable catchment management

Africa Middle East ...

Annual Technology and Expert Meeting in Bahrain


Water Experts Network
Water Experts Network is a virtual network of freelance water experts from all over the world.


Europe ...

Business Stream - Water Benchmark Calculator
Water benchmark calculator Save water and money by comparing the water usage of your business to others in your sector.

Thames Water - WaterWisely Online Game
We can all reduce the amount of water we use without making dramatic changes to our lifestyle. Visit Waterwisely, our water-saving community and discover how you can start saving water. You can calculate your water usage and see our top water-saving tips.

UK Online directory of water industry products and services
Welcome to the-water-resource, an online directory of water industry products and services brought to you by the International Water Association. The directory includes details of hundreds of organisations around the world providing products and services to the water sector. You can use the-water-resource to help find those that can meet your needs. You can search in five main categories: Consultants Contractors Research & development Training / courses Suppliers / manufacturers.