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Asia Pacific ...

Water for Asian Cities Programme (WAC)
The WAC Programme is managed by UN-HABITAT with funding from the Asian Development Bank. This programme focuses on all aspects of urban water demand management, urban environmental sanitation and water governance. It develops, and implements strategies for the provision of water and sanitation services that will maximize the income and employment of the urban poor.

Europe ...

Association of Drainage Authorities
UK association, formed in 1937 to watch over and protect the interests of Drainage Authorities and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote discussions upon common problems and visits to places of interest.

CIRIA - Construction Industry Research and Information Association
Leading influential research organisation with signficant input into water related themes, including drainage control, culvert design and sustainable urban drainage systems

LANDFORM - Local Authority Network on Drainage and Floodrisk Management
UK Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are key stakeholders in the sustainable management of flood risk and drainage. This network has been set up to disseminate good practice, research outputs and policy relating to sustainable drainage and flood risk management to planners and operational staff within LPAs.

Office of Water Services
The UK's economic regulator for the water and sewerage industry in England and Wales

The WRc Group
UK based innovative technology based consultancy providing services to the water, wastewater and environmental industries. Extensive outputs in research and policy formulation

Water UK
Water UK represents UK water and wastewater service suppliers at national and European level, working with government, regulators and stakeholders to develop policy and improve business understanding.

Global ...

Hydro International Ltd
UK based company supplying innovative products for the control of stormwater and treatment of wastewater, including hydrobarkes, stormcells and grit separators

Integrated Urban Water Resources Management
IWRM is a process that promotes the coordinated development and management of water, land and related resources, in order to maximise the resultant economic and social welfare in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems.

United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
UN-HABITAT is mandated to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all. This website contains information related to UN-HABITAT campaigns and programmes, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and human settlements, news, events and publication.

WHO - Healthy Cities and Urban Governance
This site provides information on health issues in urban areas, as well as ideas on making cities healthier, news, events and links to related sites.

Africa Middle East ...

Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM-Teheran)
RCUWM-Teheran is a regional scientific organization, under the auspices of UNESCO, on urban water management, which takes into account the climatic and other specifications of the Arab States region. The potential impact of the centre is on international scientific and technical cooperation in the region.

Water for African Cities (WAC)
This programme is a joint initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT). The goal of this programme is to contribute to the achievement of the water-and sanitation-related UN Millennium Development Goals in urban areas, with a particular focus on Africa, by supporting the creation of an enabling environment for pro-poor investment.


Europe ...

Centre for Water Systems
Part of the UK's University of Exeter School of Engineering conducting research into hydroinformatics and optimisation of water systems and transferring outputs to industry

Global ...

Global Development Research Centre
The Global Development Research Center is a virtual organization that carries out initiatives in education, research and practices, in the spheres of environment, urban, community and information, and at scales that are effective. Useful links and further resources from this site.

IAHR/IWA Specialist Group on Urban Drainage.
On line forum and newsletter for urban drainage professionals.

Main page for the Group's activities in Urban Drainage

Urban Water Resources Management
Special feature on UWRM from Global Research Development Centre (GRDC).


Europe ...

AquaJet GB Ltd.
Specialists in CCTV, Condition Assessment, Culvert Assessment

IntoValve Ltd
Suppliers of valves and penstocks to the river engineering and sewerage industries

Source Control Systems Ltd.
Commercial UK based company supplying total package solutions for sustainable urban drainage solutions, including porous paving, geomembranes and void box units

Sulzer Pumps UK Ltd.
Specialist in global pumping expertise, delivered locally

Wavin Plastics Ltd
UK based commercial company specialising in infiltration and underground storage and pipe plastic systems for urban drainage. Detailed technical support and planning assistance available.


Europe ...

Municipal Engineer Journal
Published by ICE.

Global ...

Urban Water
Prestigious international journal dedicated to the topic of urban water, published by Elsevier.


Europe ...

BHS National Meeting - Hydrology of Urban Area
12 May 2004 - CEH Wallingford, UK. 1 day meeting, on urban flooding, water quality, river ecology & urban river management. Contact Dr Gareth Old -

European Biosolids and Organic Residuals Confererence
8th International Conference (23 - 26 November 2003, Wakefield, UK) on wastewater management and minimisation, technology and intiatives. Exhibition.

ICE Combined Sewer Overflows Conference
9 October 2003 - Austin Court, Birmingham, UK

International Workshop on Integrated Urban Water Management
16 - 17 March 2004, Ghent, Belgium. Funded under the 5th Framework Programme of the European Commission Community Research Programme.

Management of Wastewaters
3rd International Conference, (19 - 21 April 2004, York, UK) promoting discussion and debate between scientists and engineers at an international level. Exhibition.

Novatech 2004
Premier triannual international conference on sustainable techniques and strategies in urban water management, held in Lyon, France


Water Experts Network
Water Experts Network is a virtual network of freelance water experts from all over the world.


Europe ...

Greywater Central -
All about all aspects of greywater systems. Why to use them, how to choose, build and use them, regulations, studies, and examples. Includes greywater irrigation, greywater treatment, greywater filters, and indoor greywater reuse.