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Tidal Flood Defence Strategy Plan River Usk, City of Newport

Newport City Council (Planning and Economic Regeneration) is concerned about the risks of tidal and fluvial flooding along the banks of the River Usk, one of the largest of the South Wales rivers.  Much of ex-industrial Newport is in need of regeneration, but the Environment Agency is currently objecting to such proposals as being at risk from flooding.

The client wished to develop an integrated strategic flood defence scheme for the whole of Newport, incorporating scheme proposals and extensive Benefit-Cost appraisals throughout potentially flooded areas.

The consultant was sub-contracted by Gwent Consultancy to provide specialist advice and expertise on flood risk, GIS mapping of flood inundation areas and production of detailed flood damage cost assessments.

Use was made of 3D survey data in the GIS to generate an accurate terrain model.  This showed that the inundation areas behind existing defences was far more extensive than first thought.

Benefit-Cost appraisal for some 20,000 properties and businesses was carried out in line with DEFRA FCDPAG3 procedures.

The complexity and size of the flood damage evaluation required the development of special user-friendly EXCEL™ databases and enquiry forms linked to the GIS to aid cost evaluations.

Newport's intention is to apply to the National Assembly for Wales for Grant Aid funding, and presentations were made by the consultants to Newport City Councillors, the Environment Agency and the National Assembly to assist this process.

Client - Newport City Council, Gwent Consultancy
Date - August 2000
Funding - Client
Scheme value - Confidential
Support tools - EXCEL™, MapInfo™, Superplan™, GetMapping™ Aerial Photo