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Canadian Association on Water Quality
The Canadian Association on Water Quality (CAWQ) is an organization of scientists, engineers, technologists, administrators, and students engaged or interested in research on water quality or on the control or treatment of water pollution.

United States Geological Survey - National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA)
In more than 50 major river basins and aquifers covering nearly all 50 states, USGS scientists collect and interpret data about water chemistry, hydrology, land use, stream habitat, and aquatic life.

Europe ...

APIS - Air Pollution Information System
Air pollution is one of the major environmental issues in the UK, with impacts occurring at local, regional and global scales. Much is known about the impacts on natural heritage features, with major steps already being taken in the development of abatement strategies both at national and international levels. It is clear, however, that there are still major gaps in the scientific understanding. This site provides a searchable database and information on pollutants and their impacts on habitats and species.

CEEP - Centre Europeen d'Etudes des Polyphosphates
Specialist site for european pollution control issues, the industry research association for phosphate producers. Monthly e-mail newsletter

EPER - European Pollution Control Register
EPER is the European Pollutant Emission Register - the first European-wide register of industrial emissions into air and water. It gives you access to information on the annual emissions of approx. 10000 industrial facilities in the 15 Member States of the EU as well as Norway and Hungary mostly from the year 2001. It lets you group information easily, by pollutant, activity (sector), air and water (direct or via a sewerage system) or by country.

EU Nitrates Directive
The European Community has been taking measures concerned with nitrogen pollution in waters for over twenty years. Whilst the initial directives concerned themselves mainly with water for human consumption, more recent directives, such as those on nitrates from agricultural sources and urban waste water treatment have placed increased emphasis on the environmental effects of excess nitrogen, in particular eutrophication. These recent directives are currently in the process of implementation.

EU Water Framework Directive - Strategies against pollution
European Union legislation provides for measures against chemical pollution of surface waters. There are two components – the selection and regulation of substances of European Union (EU)-wide concern (the priority substances) and the selection by Member States of substances of national or local concern (river basin specific pollutants) for control at the relevant level. The first component constitutes the major part of the Union's strategy against the chemical pollution of surface waters. It is set out in Article 16 of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC. This requires the establishment of a list of priority substances, these to be selected from amongst those presenting a significant risk to or via the aquatic environment at EU level. It also requires the designation of a subset of priority hazardous substances, and proposals for controls to reduce the emissions, discharges and losses of all the substances and to phase out the emissions, discharges and losses of the subset of priority hazardous substances.

European Integrated Pollution Prevention Control Bureau - IPCC
The European IPPC Bureau exists to catalyse an exchange of technical information on best available techniques under the IPPC Directive 96/61/EC and to create reference documents (BREFs) which must be taken into account when the competent authorities of Member States determine conditions for IPPC permits. IPPC will apply to a wide range of industrial activities and the objective of the information exchange exercise is to assist the efficient implementation of the directive across the European Union. The BREFs will inform the relevant decision makers about what may be technically and economically available to industry in order to improve their environmental performance and consequently improve the whole environment.

TAPES - Emerging Threats to Drinking Water

TAPES developed a new platform to share knowledge, to exploit and develop new knowledge and experience for water authorities, water companies, managers of wastewater treatment plants, national and local government, and interested public. TAPES included technological pilots, demonstration projects and the development of a decision support system for investments in the water cycle. 

• The TAPES project contributed to a more cohesive EU-society because it is based on the cooperation of people from different countries to work on emerging threats to (drinking) water that helps improving the lives of citizens in Europe.

Water and Sanitation in the WHO European Region
WHO/Europe assists its Member States by supporting the implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health and carrying out capacity-building activities at the regional, subregional and country levels. Information about water and health issues, the Protocol on Water and Health, the Country support activities, publications and related links are included ON this website.

Global ...

International Water Association
Leading international professional association dealing principally with water quality, treatment and pollution control issues. Good source of professional information especially for registered members

IWA is at the forefront in connecting the broad community of water professionals around the globe - integrating the leading edge of professional thought on research and practice, regulators and the regulated, across national boundaries and across the drinking water, wastewater and stormwater disciplines. IWA was founded in September 1999 by the merger of the International Association of Water Quality (IAWQ) and the International Water Supply Association (IWSA).


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ASSETS - Asessment of Estuarine Trophic Status
The ASSETS site is built in cooperation between NOAA and IMAR . ASSETS stands for Assessment of Estuarine Trophic Status, and builds on the U.S. National Estuarine Eutrophication Assessment (NEEA) developed by NOAA. All users have access to information about the approach used in ASSETS, and to the results obtained for the various estuaries. Additionally, there is an area for data input which is restricted to authorized users.

Asia Pacific ...

Relationship between Total Dissolved Solids and EC
Waterwatch Victoria is part of a national community water quality monitoring program which has been operating since 1993. Through Waterwatch, groups can link with each other, share discoveries, compare findings and build a picture of the health of waterways across Australia.

The Story of Conductivity
Horiba Scientific pages with useful material on the science and application of electrical conductivity (EC) properties of water.

The Story of pH
Horiba Scientific informative pages on pH measurement and application.

Global ...

International Water Association (IWA) Specialist Group on Diffuse Pollution
On line forum and newsletter for Diffuse Pollution professionals.

Main page for the group's activities.

United Nations Environment Programme - PAMOLARE - Planning and Management of Lakes and Reservoirs
This site focuses on eutrophication. PAMOLARE is an environmental modelling tool to forecast the changes in water quality leading to the eutrophication of Lakes and Reservoirs. The versatility of PAMOLARE allows for its use in decision making process as well as for training purposes. Eutrophication of freshwater bodies is a main environmental concern. Indicators of Eutrophication can include the following: accumlation of algal scum and toxins from algal blooms, infestations of species of aquatic plants, increased turbidity, incidence of water-related diseases, noxious odors, depletion of dissolved oxygen.

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Water Quality Online Calculator
San Diego State University - Very useful online calculator for Dissolved Oxygen. And many others under hydrology and hydraulic links.


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Altec Products for Science + Industry
5000 stock products, including field and laboratory equipment for water quality monitoring. Pocket pH & Conductivity (EC) meters especially useful.

ARM Ltd. - Reed beds for effluent & sludge treatment
The common reed, Phragmites australis has the ability to transfer oxygen from its leaves, down through its stem, porous septa and rhizomes, and out via its root system into the rhizosphere. As a result of this phenomenon, a very large population of micro organisms is to be found in the rhizosphere. In addition to the aerobic areas one finds anoxic and anaerobic zones. Hence waste water moving through a mass of reed roots is treated in a manner akin to that prevailing in a conventional sewage treatment works but without the machines and their associated energy usage.

Eutech Instruments
Eutech Instruments is a ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer of Water Quality Instruments such as pH meters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, ion meters, turbidity meters, ORP meters, TDS meters and thermometers for use in agriculture, aquaculture, hydroponics, aquariums, fish-farming, laboratory, swimming pools, water and waste-water treatment and food processing.

Hanna Instruments
Good supplier of laboratory and field equipment and meters, inc. portable EC and pH meters. Good on-line technical support.

Titan Pollution Control
Titan manufactures high quality GRP pollution control products. Through consistent product quality and value for money Titan has become firmly established as the quality provider of pollution control products. Products include BS Septic Tanks, Holding Tanks, Pumps, Separators, Reed Beds

WTW - Water Analysis Products
German based supplier producing high quality laboratory and field instrumentation products, also literature sources, on-line manuals etc.

Global ...

Horiba Scientific Equipment
A key manufacturer of measuring and analytical devices and markets a vast array of sophisticated products to countries around the world. Useful links and resources for further information on testing procedures.

Manufacturer of sensors for water quality, including the SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter that uses your mobile phone + Android App


Asia Pacific ...

8th International Conference on Diffuse Pollution
24 - 29 October 2004, Kyoto, Japan. Email:

Europe ...

9th European Biosolids and Biowastes Conference
17 November 2004, Wakefield, UK. The conference makes a significant contribution to the science, engineering, strategic planning, regulation, sustainability, soil science, practical and innovative short and long-term solutions for handling, treating, recycling and resource utilisation of the ever growing quantities of these residuals.

Conferences in Water Engineering and Management
CIWEM hosted conferences and seminars on all aspects of water supply, treatment, water resources and EU Directives implementation.

Diffuse Pollution and Sustainable Basin Management
18-22 September 2006, Istanbul, Turkey on Diffuse Pollution/dipcon2006_first_announcement.pdf


Water Experts Network
Water Experts Network is a virtual network of freelance water experts from all over the world.


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Koi Club of San Diego
This is a composite of a series of articles dealing with the chemical makeup of pond water. A useful site for informative basic information on water quality constituents.

WaterTrax - Parameters Portal
Gain free access to regulatory standards information for hundreds of contaminants through the Parameters Portal.

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Shaw and Sons Ltd.
Link to Shaws, printers and publishers of books for local government, including Water Pollution and Water Quality Law (Howarth & McGillivray, ISBN 0 7219 1102 -1)

BOD Calculator
Biochemical Oxygen Demand Equations and Formulas Calculator Water Wastewater Sewage Treatment Solving For Biochemical Oxygen Demand.