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Environmental Impact Assessment

Water Supply Schemes, Kebbi, Nigeria

Kebbi State occupies the arid north-western region of Nigeria and water resources planning is a high priority.  For the regional capital of Sokoto, water supplies are derived partly from the Sokoto River, which is regulated in its upper reaches, but most towns and villages downstream in Kebbi State abstract from groundwater into local supply schemes.

The client is considering state wide proposals for increased groundwater abstraction for urban water supply.  As a condition of funding, the World Bank required an Environmental Impact Assessment on the proposals.

Based at the project office in Kebbi, the study team from lead consultant Parkman and Brian Faulkner undertook a major regional drinking water supply and disposal review.

In the EIA particular study was made of reservoir proposals affecting downstream water supply and agricultural activity.

The evaluation of the impacts of increased wastewater from newly supplied towns on downstream river management practices was also considered, since fadama agriculture is a critical part of the local socio-economic infrastructure.

The consultant devised innovative numerically based EIA score-sheets so that the impact of alternative supply schemes could be objectively assessed.

Client - Kebbi State Water Board
Date - October 1996
Funding - World Bank
Scheme value - Confidential
Support tools - EXCEL™, Lowrance GPS