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US Filter - A Siemens Business
A world leader in products, systems, and services for water and wastewater treatment.

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UK Water Industry Research
UKWIR facilitates and manages collaborative research for UK water operators. The UKWIR programme generates sound science for sound regulation and sound practice.

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GE Infrastructure - Water & Process Techologies
General Electrics professionally organised site with numerous hi-tech quality articles on water processes and technologies, such as reverse osmosis, ozonation, activated carbon & many more.

GE Infrastructure - What is Activated Carbon
Activated carbon is a very mature technology that is designed to help remove taste and odor from water through adsorption of the compounds that cause problems. As the fluid (often water) passes over and through the carbon, the attractive forces between the compounds that are the most attracted to the carbon are adsorbed onto the surface. The compounds that are the most highly attracted are typically organic compounds (which can cause taste, odor and appearance problems), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and halocarbons such as trihalomethane (THM) compounds and other process wastes.

GE Infrastructure - What is Nanofiltration
Nanofiltration is a form of filtration that uses membranes to preferentially separate different fluids or ions. Nanofiltration is not as fine a filtration process as reverse osmosis, but it also does not require the same energy to perform the separation. Nanofiltration also uses a membrane that is partially permeable to perform the separation, but the membrane's pores are typically much larger than the membrane pores that are used in reverse osmosis.

GE Infrastructure - What is Ozonation
Ozone (O3) is one of the strongest oxidizing agents that is readily available. It is used to reduce color, eliminate organic waste, reduce odor and reduce total organic carbon in water.

GE Infrastructure - What is Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis, also known as hyperfiltration, is the finest filtration known. This process will allow the removal of particles as small as ions from a solution. RO is used to purify water and remove salts and other impurities in order to improve the color, taste or properties of the fluid.


Europe ...

Foundation for Water Research
An authoritative UK based independent, not for profit organisation, having charitable status, that shares and disseminates knowledge about water, wastewater and research into related environmental issues. Useful free downlaods on a number of water topics.


Americas ...

GDT Corporation
Useful source of specialised water treatment technologies.The GDT™ Process treats water and wastewater using such gases as ozone, oxygen, air or nitrogen. GDT™ injects the gas under dynamic conditions with pressure to maximize mass transfer then removes unwanted entrained gases, (such as CO2) creating a stream of water that is highly conditioned to meet specific treatment objectives.

Water Ionizers
Our bodies need a source of alkalinity to balance out the acidity and restore our body’s natural ph balance. Water ionizers are capable of providing that source for us. The water that flows through the ionizer is negatively charged by the negative ions produced by the ionizerwater thus turning the tap water into an antioxidant, which slows down the ageing process, since it is the oxidization process along with impurities in our bodies that causes the ageing process.

Europe ...

ARM Ltd - Reed Bed Specialists
ARM is committed to the development and application of wastewater treatment systems using reed beds and wetland technology.ARM have designed and constructed more than 250 reed bed systems providing wastewater treatment for a whole range of applications. The installations are extensive both in terms of the range of applications and the size of the installations.

Danfoss Industrial Controls
The Industrial Controls division of the Danfoss Group manufactures and markets components based on the principles of pressure and temperature measurement, electrical power and fluid control. Useful site for info and products on membrane filtration and pump controls.

EE Ingleton - Customised Steel Perforations
The perforating division provides a specialised advice and manufacturing service designed to meet each customer's individual perforation requirements. We have no standard hole sizes or shapes and no standard sheet dimension; these are all determined by your needs.

Hanovia - UV Disinfection Systems
Hanovia specialises in the manufacture of UV equipment for disinfection, deozonation, dechloramination, and dechlorination and for the enhanced removal of total organic carbon (TOC) from ultrapure applications. Other photolysis applications include the removal of NDMA and MTBE from drinking water. Hanovia has installed over 40,000 systems in more than 100 countries.

Dutch based company supplying water and air purification products. Useful technical summary pages on various treatment technologies.

Millenniumpore Filtration Units
Millenniumpore are manufacturers of unique hollow fibre filtration membranes, modules and separation systems. Millenniumpore have developed a novel manufacturing technique that allows hollow fibre filtration membrane to be manufactured in diameters of up to 25mm. Such membranes are new to industry. The membranes are not cast onto a carrier or support material as in the case of a conventional tubular membrane. The new membrane is a wholly integral and continuous matrix of modified polyethersulphone (PES) that is highly asymmetric in structure.

Osmo Sistemi
Italian based OSMO SISTEMI is a leader in the field of primary and waste water treatment technologies, dealing with the design, production and marketing of reverse osmosis systems for industrial, nautical, agricultural and civil use.


Europe ...

CIWEM - Third National Conference
6-8th September, 2005, Bretton Hall, Wakefield, UK. National conference covering 8 parallel sessions, inc. wastewater treatment, water supply, water quality issues, flooding and drainage, impacts of climate change

Global ...

International Water Association Conference List
Full listing of IWA's conference programme


Water Experts Network
Water Experts Network is a virtual network of freelance water experts from all over the world.


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EDIE - Environmental Data & Information Exchange
EDIE is an on-line community for water, waste and environmental professionals, frequently updated news items, library, suppliers and jobs