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Dam Construction in Amazonia

Increasingly, the Amazon Basin is being targeted for large dam projects. More than 60 large dams are being planned for the Brazilian Amazon, and neighboring countries Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia are planning dozens of dams of their own. If built, these projects would dramatically affect the Amazon's fragile web of aquatic and terrestrial life, as well as displacing tens of thousands of indigenous and river bank communities.

This site was developed by Fundación Proteger, International Rivers, and ECOA, to provide a database on dams in operation, under construction or planned for the region. It presents technical and economic data about the projects and includes information about their social and environmental impacts. The database only includes dams that have either had a feasibility study started, or in which there are clear indications of a government's intentions to move forward with the project.

United States Society on Dams
The United States Society on Dams (USSD) is a nation-wide professional organization dedicated to advancing the technology of dam engineering, construction, operation, maintenance and dam safety

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Removal of Dams in Europe

The overall ambition of Dam Removal Europe is to restore rivers in Europe, which used to be of high natural or cultural importance by removing dams in order to have once again healthy free flowing rivers full of fish for all to benefit. There are many rivers in Europe which would ecologically flourish if the dams and weirs which do not have any use anymore could be removed.

South East Europe Hydropower

The three years SEE HYDROPOWER project, financed by the South-East Transnational Cooperation Programme (EU), aims to a sustainable exploitation of water concerning hydropower production in SEE countries, looking up to renewable energy sources development, preserving environmental quality and preventing flood risk. SEE HYDROPOWER defines specific needs and test methodologies & tools, in order to help public bodies to take decisions about planning and management of water and hydropower concessions, considering all multi-purposes uses, taking into account the environmental sustainability of natural resources and flooding risks

The British Dam Society
The British Dam Society is an Associated Society of the Institution of Civil Engineers. It consists of individual and corporate members. It is open to anyone wanting to share experience or knowledge of all aspects of dams and reservoirs. BDS exists to advance the education of the public and the profession in technical subjects relating to planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, safety, environmental and social issues.

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The Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol

The Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol, or ‘Protocol’ as it’s known for short, is a set of tools which measure the sustainability of an individual hydropower project. 
It is divided into four sections: Early Stage, Preparation, Implementation, and Operation, each of which refers directly to the stage the project is at. Each section contains a number of different sustainability topics, directly relevant to the project stage, against which a hydropower project is assessed. These topics cover the full range of sustainability perspectives, including environmental, social, technical and financial aspects.

World Wildlife Organisation
The WWF's 2003-2004 initiative on large dams. Alternative environmentally sustainable options for large dams

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International Commission on Large Dams
International Commission on Large Dams – ICOLD is the leading non-governmental organization devoted to the issues of dams and dam engineering, including dam safety, various info. And further links

International Water Law
The International Water Law Project website was created to provide pertinent information on international water law and policy and related topics

National Geographic
National Geographic guide as to how and why people build dams

United Nations Environment Programme - Dams and Development Project
The goal of the Dams and Development Project is to promote a dialogue on improving decision-making, planning and management of dams and their alternatives based on the World Commission on Dams (WCD) core values and strategic priorities.

World Bank large dam portfolio
Summary information of World Bank related schemes

World Bank Regulatory Framework
A comparative assessment of the regulatory frameworks applicable to dam safety in 22 countries

World Commision on Dams
International organisation providing a forum for stakeholders interested in the pro and cons of large dam construction worldwide


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Basics of Dam Design
Andrew Graham – MENG student Uni. Durham gives undergraduates a good understanding of the subject, either from scratch or as a reference to supplement previous learning materials

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International Journal on Hydropower and dams
Main academic reference for hydro electric power from dams


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AquaDams - Stream diversion dams, flood control dams, silt barriers and temporary water storage
A revolutionary concept that saves valuable time and labor. Stream diversion dams, flood control dams, silt barriers and temporary water storage are a few applications of AquaDam®, an exciting new method using “water to control water”™. Not only is AquaDam® easy to use, it delivers impressive results at a fraction of the cost involved with sandbagging, sheet piling and messy earthen dams. Just as important, AquaDam® is light-weight, easy to transport, easy to install, and in most cases reusable.


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iCivilEngineer - A Civil Engineering Portal
Dam Safety and Risk Assessment pages

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iCivil Engineer pages on dam design is a knowledge portal specially designed for civil engineering professionals and students

International Water Power & Construction
International Water Power & Dam Construction - has established itself as the leading international publication serving the needs of those involved in dam construction and the hydro electricity industries


Water Experts Network
Water Experts Network is a virtual network of freelance water experts from all over the world.


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Austin Real Estate
Some background general information on Dams terminology

The Itaipu Dam - Brazil
The Itaipu Dam is found on the Paean river, close to the Brazil - Paraguay border. The dam is located in the Parana region in Brazil, close to the Iguassu Falls. Itaipú is the world's largest hydroelectric plant, generating up to 75 million MWh per year. Brazil and Paraguay teamed to build the Itaipú plant between 1975 and 1991. By 1995. Itaipú was providing 78% of the total energy supply in Paraguay, and 25% of the energy supply in Brazil.

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The Constructor - Civil Engineering Resources

Before rainfall reaches the outlet of a basin as runoff, certain demands of the catchment such as interception, depression storage and infiltration have to be met. Besides these, evaporation and transpiration processes transfer water to the atmosphere as water vapour. Evaporation from water bodies and the soil mass together with transpiration from vegetation is called evapotranspiration (ET). That portion of Precipitation which is not available as surface runoff is termed as “loss”.